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Loan Officer Website Templates 101

When trying to find loan officer website templates that work for your business, there are thousands of choices. From out-of-the-box options like LeadPops to 100% custom websites with WordPress, it can be very overwhelming for Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers.  There are pros and cons to both options, however, many industry professionals are looking for a loan officer website template that has the customization of WordPress with the non-technical user experience of LeadPops. Thankfully, there is an undervalued option that many Loan Officer and mortgage brokers do not even consider. It’s called Wix.

When I first started my career as a marketing coordinator for a mortgage company, I built our market’s website using Wix and it blew me away. From drag and drop builders to full ready-made loan officer website templates, Wix became the brain of our marketing tech stack. Fast forward to today, and this website builder is perfect for mortgage brokers and loan officers that are looking for a long-term website option. 

Ready-Made Loan Officer Templates

Below are real loan officer and mortgage broker templates that you can demo live. These templates have blog sections, forms, chat widgets, and beautiful designs baked into every template. If you decide to go with one of the loan officer website templates, you can easily update colors, copy, and messaging. It does not take any technical knowledge to massage a website to your brand. 

Loan Officer Website Templates

There are a few different strategies you can implement when picking the right web template. You can go the finance route, real estate angle, or leverage your personal brand with a consulting-type design. It is important to look at your brand guidelines and pick a template that works for you. 

Another feature that is not mentioned by a lot of website builders is the importance of Mobile-Usability within website design. Thankfully, all web templates come with a ready-made mobile version. 

Mobile-Friendly Loan Officer Website Templates

We hear a lot of people state that mobile websites are important. But how vital are mobile-friendly sites to your digital marketing plan? To answer this question, we need to first discuss Google. Mobile searches are rising year over year. Therefore, Google is using mobile usability as a major ranking factor. Therefore, if your mortgage website is not mobile-ready, you will lose out on Google My Business and local SEO. 

Additionally, mobile searches are rising because more people are using their phones like laptops. A few years ago, almost all bottom-funnel purchasing was happening on the computer. Today, most people pay for products and fill out forms on the phone. Therefore, if your mobile site is glitchy, you will lose the lead. By having a website that loads quickly on a mobile phone, your lead generation numbers will skyrocket. 

Let’s take a look at the below mortgage website template in both formats. 

The first format is for computers. As you can see, it is clean-looking and will fit any desktop size. Fr0m here, you can easily toggle to the mobile design and see how it translates. 

The mobile design caters to any phone and looks just as clean as the desktop version. This mobile design feature is baked into every loan officer website template in the Wix library. Fundamentally, the mobile-ready feature is one of the main reasons we recommend Wix templates to loan officers and mortgage brokers. It allows them to compete online on day one. 

Mortgage Website Hostings

For most website projects, designing a website is only half of the problem. To get any website live on the internet, you need secure hosting service. Hosting services vary across the internet, however, it is important to find a hosting server that is reliable, can handle a lot of traffic and provides high-grade security. If you are building a website through WordPress, you will have to find a separate company to handle this for you.

Inversely, Wix will host your website on their servers as part of the service. Wix gives loan officers and mortgage brokers advanced security monitoring, automatic setup, and 99% uptime. This means that your site will be as fast and secure as enterprise websites. Furthermore, security is a major factor when deciding on your hosting package. Hackers and scammers are a real problem on the internet. Wix hosting keeps your site safe with 24/7 security monitoring, HTTPS, and SSL protection. Finding this level of security for free is almost impossible around the industry. Quality hosting is another reason why we love Wix’s loan officer website templates as a long-term solution. 

Mortgage Website SEO

For any loan officer and mortgage broker, local SEO should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, using a loan officers website template that gives you an SEO edge is vital to success. Maney SEOs view WordPress as the premier standard for search engine optimizations. However, companies like Wix have invested heavily in their SEO techniques. 

A few years ago, Wix ran an SEO contest to get some of the greatest marketing minds using Wix website templates. The rules were simple, use the Wix platform to rank for competitive SEO terms. The company that won the contest stated the following, “We enjoyed using their site builder and thought that implementing the basic on-page optimizations, providing good content, building authority, and marketing the site effectively was always going to be the most critical factors.”

It is clear that Wix is as good as any CMS when implementing a proven SEO strategy. 

Fundamentally,  there are 2 key features that make this loan officer website templates effective for SEO: Full Control of Meta Tags and direct Google Search Console integration. 

Meta tags tell Google exactly what a page is about. If you are trying to rank for your brand name, you can easily explain the purpose of the page through the meta tags. Additionally, the meta tags will show up in search results for users looking for your company. This feature is essential for SEO success in your local market and propels Wix as a legitimate loan officer website option. 

In addition to customized meta tags, direct integration with Google Search Console is a game-changer for loan officers and mortgage brokers. It is impossible to show up on Google without connecting to the search console. However, connecting to the search console is a technical process that requires DNS records. With direct integration, the process of connecting your loan officer website template to Google is quick and easy. 

Fundamentally, when it comes to SEO, you are in good hands with Wix website builders. 

CRM capabilities 

A website is essential to getting the attention of potential clients. However, a CRM is needed to convert your prospects. Wix does a fantastic job at creating loan officer website templates that bring people into your sales funnel. In addition to these templates, Wix offers Ascend, a CRM that connects directly to your website. 

Ascend by Wix gives loan officers and mortgage brokers the ability to manage the front-end marketing systems seamlessly. This includes social media posting, chat widget customizations, and video editors. In addition to these systems, the CRM can hand back-end systems that allow you to create comprehensive campaigns that convert customers effortlessly.

This included smart lists, email marketing campaigns, and automation. These marketing systems allow you to book appointments, send documents, and organize your leads by priority. Additionally, with Google integration, you can create an effective review management system that builds loyalty and improves your Google My Business rankings. 

The reason why we love this system for loan officers and mortgage brokers is simple – this marketing suite gives you everything you need to be successful in sales. 

Mortgage Website Designers

For most, a loan officer website template is a great start. However, a lack of confidence in technology or design may keep you from utilizing Wix’s portfolio of templates. If that is the case, you should consider working with a web designer that is familiar with the loan officer website templates you plan on using.

There are a few different ways to find a freelancer designer, however, if you are using a Wix template, consider the Wix marketplace. The Wix marketplace connects loan officers and mortgage brokers with both designers that can deliver results. All designers, freelancers, and agencies have been vetted. Specifically, there is a lengthy application process and extensive background check that all designers must go through to be on the marketplace. Additionally, you can look through the reviews, resumes, and portfolios of any freelancer or agency you plan to customize your website. 

Finding projects on the marketplace is pretty straightforward. Enter your service and price specifications into the filter section. 


From there, hundreds of options populate with varying experience levels, price ranges, and design styles. Find an option that works for you and get your entire website designed effortlessly. All in all, finding a designer is not for everyone. You may feel confident in the Wix platform to make your loan officer website template your own. However, if you do not know where to begin, this is a great place to start your website journey. 

When should I purchase a website? 

When should I purchase a mortgage website? This is a common question in the industry. Ultimately, the answer is different for every loan officer and mortgage broker. Fundamentally, a website is the face of your marketing efforts. Specifically, a website is useful for realtor partners, social media, ads, and business cards.

The goal of a loan officer website is to show prospects who you are and then collect as many leads as possible. If someone sees your face on a co-branded flyer but has no way to fill out a form, you are losing out on lead generation opportunities. Fundamentally, if you have any marketing efforts whatsoever, you need a website. Additionally, if you want to stand out to realtors you need a website. In a day and age of fast-paced technology and consumer direct marketing, a website is one of the most valuable business resources. 

Another reason to get a new website is if your site is outdated. Many mortgage brokers and loan officers bought a website over 5 years ago and have not updated it since. If this is the case, chances are your site is massively outdated. The consumer journey is rapidly changing, therefore you need marketing material that reflects the evolving nature of your customer. 

Additionally, using a website builder like Wix allows your loan officer website template to update whenever design trends or consumer trends change. By leveraging Wix’s updated designs, loan officers and mortgage brokers no longer have to send realtors outdated sites that no longer convert.

Fundamentally, if you are a loan officer, mortgage broker, or realtor and rely on front-end marketing for your business, it is imperative that you build a website. 

Final Thoughts on Loan Officer Website Templates

At the end of the day, loan officer website templates come in all different shapes and sizes. From bulky out-of-the-box solutions like Leadpops to highly technical and customizable sites from WordPress – there are thousands of options. In fact, there are so many website options it can be overwhelming to your average loan officer or mortgage broker. 

At, we believe in finding the best marketing solutions for the industry. In the case of website templates, we highly recommend Wix. For the price, design, and hosting capabilities, any loan officer and mortgage broker can compete with anyone in the industry. 

If you are interested in learning more about loan officer website templates, check out Wix’s options at the below link!

Wix Templates


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