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How to rank #1 for mortgage lender

There are approximately 5.4 billion Google searches a day [1]. People are actively looking for reputable businesses on search engines. To rank #1 for mortgage lender in your local market, you need to understand what are Google’s ranking factors.

Another scary fact, 75% of the people searching will never go to the second page of Google [2]. Not only is it important to have an online presence, but it is also imperative that you rank on the first page in your city. Thankfully, local mortgage SEO is not rocket science. With the right information, sweat equity, and some patience, you can get to the top of the search results in a few months. 

Find The Right Domain 

If you do not have a registered website, your first step is to purchase a domain. A major part of the Google algorithm is having domain authority. Domain authority can be measured by domain age and backlink portfolio. Because age is a major factor, the earlier you can purchase a domain the better. 

There are hundreds of ways to decide on a domain name. Ultimately, your domain is a reflection of your business. Therefore, try to pick your brand name as a domain. If your brand is taken, you can add the industry to the backend of the brand. For example, if my brokerage is named after my last name, “Riano,” I would try to purchase

However, is taken. Therefore, I would check if,,  or is available. Google highly respects brand consistency, therefore, when they scan your website and cross-reference with your social media links, having the same brand name across all platforms will show you are a legitimate local business. 

Create a Website

Once you have purchased a domain, it is time to create a website. Your website will be the backbone for all local ranking factors. Furthermore, your website is your online marketing infrastructure that Google scans to ensure you have credibility.

With that said, creating a website is not an easy task. A website can cost up to $20,000 for design and set up. This does not include monthly maintenance fees. For that reason, I highly recommend that mortgage brokers and loan officers leverage LeadPops. LeadPops is a website builder specifically for mortgage originators. 

The base plan, costing $97 a month, includes 21 mortgage funnels, 24/7 support, and 1:1 training. This is the best solution to create a high-quality mortgage website that can rank #1 for mortgage lender in your local market. 

Business Directories & Reviews

Once your domain is connected to a website, it is time to create citations through local business directories. By listing your website, phone number, address, and services on local directories, you are showing Google your authority in your market. Additionally, citations are read as backlinks by search results. Therefore, your domain authority will naturally increase. 

The most important business directory to get connect to is Google My Business (GMB). GMB is Google’s local directory and has a direct impact on your Google search results. In addition to listing your site on GMB, it is vital to get reviews from your clients. This will directly bolster your GMB profile over other lenders that do not have reviews. 

By driving reviews to your GMB profile, your telling Google your business is not only an authority but consumers like your brand. Because Google wants to give the best service to users, the search engine will rank you higher because of the likelihood of consumers liking your brand. 

Write Local Content

Writing local content will help give your brand long-term success. There will always be a handful of brokers and lenders that have created a great GMB profile. However, when everybody has similar reviews, what will give you an edge in search results? The answer is local content and technical SEO. 

When writing local content, you need to think like a consumer. Therefore, your blogs and videos cannot be a sales pitch. You need to produce real value for homebuyers in your area. Additionally, your local content will show Google that you have authentic knowledge of the area. This is something that not many brokers or loan officers showcase online and will immediately stand out. 

If you have lived in the area for a few years, you will likely know what are the best neighborhoods to buy, what times of year are best to purchase a home, and even the best realtors to work with. This information is extremely valuable to homebuyers looking to purchase in your market. Attempt to write a few blogs a month about real estate topics that homebuyers will find valuable. This will not only build your brand but give your website authority. 

On-Page SEO

If you are writing blogs and developing your website, on-page SEO is an important ranking factor. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your webpage to rank higher. Often, this includes optimizing your headlines, content, meta-description, and design. There are many guides to on-page SEO. However, if you build your website through LeadPops, they will ensure your on-page is set up correctly. 

If you decide to build your website yourself, the most important on-page SEO tips are creating titles, content, descriptions, and designs that help solve the user’s question or concern. For example, if someone searches for the best neighborhoods in Raleigh, your google headline and description should reference Raleigh neighborhoods. From there, once the users click on your post, your content should be consistent with your headlines, and the users should have an easy experience reading your blog. 

With this said, this on-page SEO explanation is over-simplified. There are hundreds of technical adjustments that should be made. Therefore, I recommend you look through Backlinko’s on-page SEO guide. 


The last key ranking factor is patience. Ranking on Google takes time to build the infrastructure and wait to build authority on search engines. If it did not take time to build authority, the top search results would be very spammy and constantly changing. 

Therefore, commit to a 6-month plan to build your authority. You do not have to write 100 blogs in your first month. Instead, build your infrastructure and slowly chip away. Before you know it, you will rank #1  for mortgage lender in your city and have the traffic to show for it.  


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