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LeadPops Review: 2021 Website & Funnel Review

LeadPops Review

This LeadPops review breaks down its features, custom designs, pricing, and compares competitors. If you have considered purchasing LeadPops but are not ready to commit, read through this review and learn what LeadPops is and if it is a good fit for your organization.

LeadPops is a digital marketing suite that focuses on converting traffic into tangible leads. Specifically, LeadPops builds custom landing pages and conversion funnels for mortgage, real estate, and insurance professionals. While the list of industries is growing, LeadPops’ bread and butter is mortgage marketing – working with mortgage lenders and independent mortgage brokers across the country.

The nuts and bolts of LeadPops are fairly straightforward. The funnels do not drive more traffic to your site but use specific landing page designs & surveys to create engagement with your current traffic. On their website, they boast their products can double, triple, or even quadruple your qualified leads with your existing traffic. 

LeadPops Funnels Review

Every LeadPops package has both a website and a funnel. However, a lot of loan officers and mortgage brokers do not understand the difference between a funnel and a website. 

Marketing and sales funnels can be defined in many ways. Often, a funnel is used to describe the consumer journey from awareness to sale, and ultimately to brand loyalty. A funnel can last weeks, months, or even years, as the consumer becomes more conscious of your brand. 

A digital marketing funnel is a little different. Specifically, these funnels guide the consumer through a specific action on a website. For example, a popular LeadPops funnel is their mortgage purchase calculator. 

The purchase calculator asks the users to see how much they can afford. The user then goes through the calculator process. At the end of the survey, they are asked to fill out their personal information. These funnels have a low abandon rate largely because the user gains value through the purchase calculator. Digital funnels are growing in popularity because of their high conversion rate.

With that said, not all funnels are created equal. A funnel can be outdated very quickly as the user experience changes. For example, mobile funnels are becoming more popular as phones become smarter. In research for this LeadPops review, I learned that LeadPops funnels are constantly being updated and perfected for the homebuyer. This is a huge benefit for loan officers and mortgage brokers looking for a responsive site. 

When you purchase a LeadPops package, you get around 21 funnels built into your website. These surveys, questionnaires,  and calculators have varying messaging that fits your target users perfectly. A major reason for LeadPops growing popularity among the broker channel is their custom funnel development. 

LeadPops Websites Review

LeadPops’ websites are the backbone of their marketing suite and house all custom funnels. They are able to roll out responsive well-designed websites to mortgage brokers and loan officers very quickly. Over the years, I have seen LeadPops website design grow from a few templates to a fully customizable mortgage website solution. 

Furthermore, there are 4 standard website templates: Hero, Baller, Edge LO, & Edge Company. All website templates can use custom pictures, colors, and content that fits your niche. The Baller and Edge LO design is a perfect solution for individual brokers and loan officers that want to build around their own personal brand. Alternately, the Edge Company and Hero design is a great fit for small to medium-sized lenders that want one solution for their companies brand. 

If you are looking for a more custom look or have some design ideas of your own, the LeadPops team will custom design your website. With a custom design, you can build the website around your company or your personal brand. Lastly, with all design templates, you get the same great lead generation funnels that drive results for thousands of loan officers across the country. 

LeadPops Pricing Review

A website can cost up to $20,000 to build. This does not include monthly maintenance or updating content. On the contrary, a LeadPops website is a fraction of the cost to hire a web developer. Additionally, IT support is built into every package so you do not have to worry about shelling out more money to fix bugs or update your design. Keep this in mind when looking through LeadPops pricing and packages.  

LeadPops offers 3 individual pricing options: Marketer, Marketer Pro, and Marketing Bundle. The prices vary from $97 a month up to $297 a month. These plans range in price and overall features. Beyond the individual plans, LeadPops offers an enterprise suite for mortgage companies that want to offer websites and funnels to Loan Officers. The option that will best suit you will depend on how you market and what marketing services you may need. 

LeadPops Marketer:

Leadpops Pricing  For $97 a month, you get a LeadPops website that has 21 mortgage funnels built into the framework. These specific funnels are surveys, purchase calculators, rate checkers, quotes, and varying customer journeys sprinkled through the site. By using the mortgage-specific messaging, your LeadPops website will cater to different consumers looking for different products.

You are no longer sending prospects the same, “Get Pre-Approved,” funnel most of your competitors are using. Instead, a customer is naturally following the flow of your landing page. Subsequently, finding services that cater to their needs and filling out a funnel. All 21 funnels are more or less the same mechanics, it is the messaging that is unique to your LeadPops website. For $97 a month, you are paying for creative messaging, white-labeled to your brand, wrapped in user-friendly mortgage funnels that convert at a high rate. 

LeadPops Marketer Pro:

The $197 a month plan gets you unlimited mortgage funnels.  This best suits a market leader or senior loan officer that has a developed a comprehensive product suite and referral network.

Furthermore, with this bundle, you have the capability to create funnels that help your realtors and credit repair partners. By having real estate, credit repair, and mortgage funnels, you can catch multiple lead types and increase your conversion rate.

For example, the leads that go to your LeadPops website will be at different stages of the purchase process. Some users may be ready to buy a home, others looking for financing options, and even leads that have poor credit. By integrating 3 funnel types with varying messaging, you can increase the likelihood that the user converts through your LeadPops website. Additionally, Marketer Pro will give you access to LeadPop’s full library of lead generation landing pages, funnels, and website templates.

LeadPops Marketing Bundle:

The most popular, $297 a month, plan is the most unique of the three. This bundle not only gets you unlimited funnels, but also cutting-edge technology, specialized marketing services, and lead follow-up. To be honest, the biggest value I see right off the bat is the lead follow-up capabilities.

The cutting-edge tech and specialized marketing services are LeadPops way to bring you into their beta program to test out new features. However, for an extra $100 a month, integrated lead follow-up is a truly valuable service. A majority of the lead conversion battle is following up with leads and building the client relationship faster and stronger than your competitors.

If you are a high-producing loan officer, lead follow-up can be put on the back burner; this shows how valuable the lead follow-up services are to LeadPops. The reason why this is the most popular bundle is because of the integrated landing page and lead nurture services. Most competitors are just offering landing page services that can bring leads into your funnel. However, very few, if any, offer a service model that tackles both lead capture and lead conversion.

LeadPops Enterprise :

Beyond the individual plans, LeadPops offers an Enterprise plan for large mortgage companies that want to distribute LeadPops to loan officers as a value to working with their organization. This plan offers custom LeadPops funnels and services to 10+ officers at $67 a month. This is the best fit for companies that want to attract good loan officers and give them the right tools to succeed.

There are a few ways of pricing this out internally: corporate pays 100%, loan officers pay 100%, or corporate and local markets split the bill 50-50. Depending on your pricing structure, organizations can find the solution that best fits their needs. In my opinion, the enterprise suite is the best value that LeadPops offers for this simple reason: affordable, industry-specific, landing pages are hard to find. Ultimately, $67 a month is a small price to pay for custom landing pages that can scale across your entire organization rapidly.

LeadPops Review: Cons

In this LeadPops Review, we have not discussed the cons of using the mortgage landing page builder. While there are so many benefits to using their custom funnels and websites, there are a few things to consider before you purchase.

First, all of LeadPop’s marketing products and services can be replicated with a digitally-savvy in-house marketing department. However, an in-house team is a really expensive investment and does not make sense for most loan officers or mortgage brokers.

Additionally, I do not recommend using LeadPops if you plan to build your own website down the road. Once you stop paying for the service, your funnels, website, and, data disappear with your subscription. This is a lot of time and money that evaporates if you plan to build a website in-house. LeadPops holds your funnel data on their servers, therefore, if you cut your subscription to build your website, you will have very little data to remarket users, create lookalike audiences, etc. Essentially, you will have to start over.

Although, if LeadPops is the long-term solution, there is nothing to worry about here. Although, the consequence of a long-term partnership with LeadPops should be considered. It is vital to understand the full scope of a subscription prior to an annual commitment.

LeadPops Competitor Comparison 

If you are in-market for a responsive mortgage website and landing pages, you have probably heard of companies like Click Funnels and Unbounce. These competitors offer similar solutions to LeadPops. However, while the features are similar, the end product and service are very different. Below I have broken down price, industry knowledge, design, and support as the most important features in a mortgage website builder. 

Click Funnels is one of the top landing page design companies in the industry. Their websites and funnels are top of the line. However, they are not mortgage specific and generally focus on e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Therefore, there will be a much larger hurdle to climb when creating a  website that converts homebuyers.  LeadPops specializes in converting homebuyers. Therefore, your conversion rates will likely be higher than if you use Click Funnels. 

A lack of mortgage-specific landing pages is the same issue I run into with Unbounce. While UnBounce has an amazing web experience, its mortgage templates are outdated. Therefore you will have to spend time and money to design a webpage that converts at the same rate as LeadPops. In addition to this issue, UnBounce is more expensive than your average landing page builder without the same mortgage-focused funnels. 

The last competitor I outlined was a freelance developer. The nice thing about a freelance developer is customization. You can find mortgage and real estate webmasters that can create a great product. However, these web developers are generally very expensive and charge a monthly retainer for support. This will be hard for a loan officer or mortgage broker to afford long-term. 

All in all, for most brokers, loan officers, and lenders,  LeadPops is the premier website and funnel builder. It is hard to find a comparable company that can match price, design, and support. 

Final Thoughts

LeadPops is a great solution for loan officers, market leaders, and brokers that do not have the support of a marketing department to create custom lead funnels and websites. Furthermore, their custom funnels and lead follow-up services are high-quality and rival any other landing page creator. With that said, if you are considering purchasing the enterprise plan for your organization, consider the consequences of having to re-boot your websites and funnels if you make a switch down the road. Ultimately, LeadPops is an excellent product for mortgage professionals looking to see an immediate impact on their business. 


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